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FyreBOX™ Slab-Mount Bambino

Part of the Trafalgar  family of products

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Trade Specific Datasheets

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FireBOX Slab-Mount Bambino -Fire ProfessionalsFyreBOX Slab-Mount Bambino Electrician Technical Manual FireBOX Slab-Mount Bambino -HVAC&RFireBOX Slab-Mount Bambino - PLUMBER 

Australian Made and Owned

Fight Fire with Fyre


FyreFIX FyreBOX Slab-Mount Bambino with John Rakic

The FyreBOX™ Slab-Mount Bambino is specifically manufactured for individual trades to simplify the job allowing installation of services before the erection of walls, providing predictable site costs and a reliable method of fire stopping, with independence from other contractor schedules.

A proudly Australian made passive fire penetration system made for trades.

All the features of the FyreBOX™ Slab-Mount a patented two-piece, clip together design, which has been developed for high-rise residential apartments and allows for multiple services to be run quickly and easily prior to wall construction. 

The FyreBOX system ensures that all services are adequately fire stopped. The best part is that FyreBOX is a permanent system and will not require fire stopping again for the life of the building. 

Key Benefits

  • New size for individual trades
  • Reduces the overall installation area for service penetrations.
  • Avoids the need for fire stopping of multiple openings.
  • Simplifies and reduces construction and maintenance costs over the life of the building.
  • Fire tested and fully approved to AS1530.4 and AS4072.1.
  • Has been fire tested with all typical residential services.


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