Steel Protection

Structural steel members often require fire protection to prevent collapse in the event of a fire. Under high heat, the material properties of the steel change, making collapse likely. To avoid this, the members can be clad in COREX to provide a fully compliant and fire tested thermal insulation barrier. COREX is a lightweight, impact resistant, high performance fire rated board designed to protect structural steel members. Crystaline Silica Free and Sustainable with Regression data as per NCC & AS4100.

FyreBOARD Maxilite™ is a high performance calcium Silicate refractory board material that has been tested to AS1530.4 in numerous applications including the construction of fire-rated enclosures, penetration seals and structural steel fire protection. Supplied in multiple sizes and thicknesses, FyreBOARD Maxilite™ should always be installed in conjunction with FyreFLEX fire rated sealant.

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