FyreWrap is a foil-faced, fire protecton wrap/blanket designed to provide fire ratng to ducts (kitchen exhausts,smoke spill systems) penetraton seals and now provide critical service protection for copper hydrant pipes in unsprinklered compartments. FyreWrap’s core material incorporates the highly engineered, lightweight and high temperature thermalinsulaton material Insulfrax®. Insulfrax® is a high-temperature insulaton made from calcia, magnesia and silicachemistry, designed to enhance bio solubility.

FyreWrap’s aluminium foil, fiberglass-reinforced scrim completely encapsulates the core and provides additonalhandling strength, protecton from tearing and most importantly provides a high resistance to mould growth.Importantly, it also allows ease of identficaton of FyreWrap in the field by building certfiers and engineers.

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