Fire Rated Joints in Walls and Floors

By:  John Rakic – Owner Trafalgar Group P/L

Issue: Fire Rated Joints in Walls and Floors

Product: FyreFLEX


Control, movement or expansion joints are an important part of good building practice. They are used to allow for movement and expansion and stop unsightly cracking.

I will use the term “control joint” in this article to refer to these movement or expansion joints. 

When we incorporate a control joint into fire rated walls or fire rated floor slabs, these control joints must incorporate fire rated materials to provide an as tested fire rated control joint SYSTEM. This article discussed the fire testing requirement here in Australia, the determination of an FRL and what fire testing is required for compliance with the National Construction Code (NCC), formerly the Building Code of Australia. Full Article here 

Article Fire Rated Joints in Walls and Floors

Holy, whole and holes?

Holy, whole & holes…..

Holy crap, this whole passive fire protection seems to be a lot more than just holes in walls!

This is not Dr Zeus, but Doc PASSIVE at work here……………………

This article is trying to help those who work in construction gain a better understanding of how to get passive fire protection right the FIRST time.

Whether you are the builder, plumber, electrician, mechanical services contractor or anyone involved with building services, this should be a useful guide to understanding the BASIC questions you need to ask yourself to get a compliant, as installed FRL for a service, or a cluster of services, that need to run through a wall or floor required to have an FRL. Full Article Here

Building Smarter, Safer and Faster

Building Smarter, faster safer

Images abound in this article of feeble attempts to firestop openings, with poorly chosen fire stopping solutions. Sadly, I could put up thousands of photos and typical scenarios.

At Trafalgar Group we have 5 full time engineers, that painfully and patiently try and advise builders, building owners, certifiers and the like what to do to fix up these types of scenarios.

I know you all can relate to exactly what I am talking about and, sadly some builders are spending millions of hard earnt profit on passive fire protection rectification.

So, the million Dollar question is.... HOW DO WE CHANGE THE STATUS QUO?

It can be easier than you might think so read on! Full Article here

The Blame Game Series

Blame Game

Who are the players in the fire protection industry and what role do they play in fire protection outcomes? John Rakic, the owner of Trafalgar Group, explores this tricky topic in this article.

"Just like the cladding and fires, waterproofing and our cracking buildings are evidence of where things aren’t quite right, I think passive fire protection is one area that could use some leadership and a shift in paradigm."

After a lifetime in the construction industry, involved with the manufacture and supply of specialty building products with an emphasis on fire protection, John Rakic, the owner of Trafalgar group, asks the question "Who is to blame?" when it comes to fire protection non-conformance.

Identifying the parties involved, and exploring how each has a part to play, John accepts there is a problem; that no one thing or group of people are at fault; and calls for everyone to come together to shift the paradigm to arrive at a solution, and better life safety outcomes. Full article here.


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