Never Fear, Firetherm is Here!

Never Fear, Firetherm is Here!

Mon, 22nd May 2017

You asked, and we provided!

Trafalgar will now be stocking Firetherm Graphite High Performance Sealant alongside our best selling FyreFlex Sealant.

Firetherm Graphite High Performance Sealant is for internal use, containing inert fillers and graphite, used to treat service penetrations in fire barriers. Firetherm HP Sealant reacts to the heat of a fire and expands - exerting pressure on any penetrating services to close off the penetration to prevent the spread of fire.

Firetherm HP Sealant pressure exerting mastic can be used to fire seal cables, cable trays, plastic and insulated metal pipes for single and double layer plasterboard walls, masonry walls and floors for up to two hours of fire protection.


·        Tested and approved in accordance with AS1530.4 and AS4072.1 standards.

·        Low smoke and non-hazardous.

·        Compliant with single layer plasterboard walls.  

·        For use in both walls and floors.


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